Compensation claims form

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We only grant compensation in the following case:

If you live abroad and have been unable to travel to Switzerland, due to restrictive measures at the Swiss borders or of those of your country of origin (compulsory quarantine, border closures). The requirement to submit a PCR test is not considered a restriction.

Only official announcements from national authorities are valid. We calculate your compensation based on official information provided by your country. This situation must have lasted for at least 20 days between December 12, 2020 and April 11, 2021.

We calculate your compensation based on official country information

We do not grant compensation in the following cases:

  • You live in Switzerland, our facilities have been accessible throughout the season
  • You were unable to travel because you tested positive for the corona virus. In this case, it is a case of illness that only insurance can cover.
  • You were a "contact case" and quarantined and you were unable to travel to Switzerland. This medical injunction is not covered by our warranty.
  • If access to Switzerland has been prohibited in your country for less than 20 days during this winter, between December 12, 2020 and April 11, 2021.
  • You have given up your stay for personal reasons (out of prudence, for fear of the virus or others)

To assert your right to compensation, you must have an annual or season pass issued by the Nendaz-Veysonnaz ski lifts.

Inquiries concerning 4 Vallées season passes purchased in Verbier or Thyon should be addressed directly to Téléverbier SA and Téléthyon SA.

The request for compensation must be submitted before June 30, 2021. After this period, no refund or credit will be granted.

You confirm that you have a 4 Vallées or Printse season or annual pass purchased in Nendaz / Veysonnaz or on the Nendaz / Veysonnaz online shop

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No matter at what dates you had planned to travel, for how many days did the government of your country ban travel this winter, through restrictions (between December 12 and April 11), to your knowledge? The requirement for a PCR test is not considered a travel restriction.

Did you use your pass this year ?

Did you benefit from a discount (voucher, special rate, coupon)?

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The information collected via this form is recorded in a digital format by NV Remontées Mécaniques SA in order to process compensation inquiries as efficiently as possible. The legal basis for this procedure is established by your consent when emitting this form.

The data collected is communicated to the internal administrative department of NV Remontées Mécanique only.

The data is conserved for 3 months.

You can access, rectify, request removal or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data at any time; you may also oppose to the processing of your data; you may also exercise your right to the transfer of your data.

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